Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vintage Sewing Magazines

A while back I bought a few vintage sewing magazines from a local online second-hand site. The seller and me met at a subway stop and exchanged money vs. magazines. She only wanted a couple of Euros, so it was a real steal and very exciting. Here are some of my favourite images from the magazines.

Astra Mode 1970

Love the flowery one in the picture below and look at the kooky way the scarf is tied into the white dress on the right:

Petra 1968

The 70s school girl chic editorial. Love it!:

And some hot 70s dresses to dance in: 

Hope you enjoyed these images. There is more to come!


  1. I lóve old fashion-pictures and magazines. These pictures are great!
    I have some old German sewing magazines myself. They have some typical 60's-style clothes but they're all in a very petite size, so I won't bother sewing anything but it's just so much fun to look at.

  2. Ooo, fab! Thanks for sharing your great score (I have images of a murky subway exchange, like spies or something).

  3. I don't think Burda have changed their style terribly much over the years.

  4. These are fantastic. I would have torn them apart and half of the photos up on my inspiration board by now... but I am pretty rash.

  5. I love that Sommer 1970 yellow dress!! I nominated you for a blog award in my latest post!

  6. cute blog! I’ll follow you!
    I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on bloglovin:-)

  7. Hi Stephanie, so delighted to see another Dublin gal on the sewing scene! Love the mags, looking forward to comparing notes on that Vogue pattern, I think it will be really nice for chrimbo, I'll defo have a look in the woolen mills!

  8. Those were great to look at. Thanks for posting the pictures. :)


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