Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Favorite Front-Fly Zipper Tutorials

It's Paddy's Day here in Ireland and I've got the day off work. I was looking forward to doing lots and lots of sewing today but ended up being just tired and lazy all day, watching movies, eating mussels (mmmh) and not even getting dressed. Well, some days are just like that...

Anyways, I did want to share my favorite front-fly zipper tutorials with you today. I learnt how to do front-fly zippers properly during my pants sewing binge and I love the tutorials I found. Front-fly zippers are so easy to do! Who would have thought?

The first tutorial that got me started on doing front-fly zippers is this great video tutorial by Sandra Betzina posted on Threads. This video tutorial is very easy to follow and leaves you with great results. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't show you how to attach a zipper shield, which in my opinion is a must, if you are sewing pants. I mean who wants their zipper lying right against the skin on a front fly? Trudy from HotPatterns shares my opinion on this and therefore created her own video on how to insert a front-fly zipper the Betzina way but with the all important zipper shield.

Her video is very easy to follow too and I've used both hers and Sandra Betzina's to insert my zippers. I think the easiest thing about doing front-fly zippers is that you don't need to be all that careful and baste everything first. You feel like you are being sloppy by just flapping your zipper over, like Betzina shows, without aligning everything but it works. If you have ever had troubles sewing front-fly zippers I encourage you to watch these videos and front-fly zippers will no longer be a problem. Do you have any favorite zipper tutorials? Invisible zippers, anyone? Still struggling with these. So long and happy Paddy's Day to you all!


  1. I've used that tutorial too (or one very similar by Betzina) and agree it is so easy. I struggled with the instructions in a Vogue pattern to the point of throwing the pants in the bin. Luckily someone gave me the link to the tutorial -- otherwise I think I would have never made pants!

  2. I plan to try pants soon, so thanks for this post.

  3. Thanks for the links, I really want to try front zipper zips. Its buttonholes I still cant manage!!!

  4. I used the Debbie Cook method ( for the jeans I just made (but haven't posted about yet...eek) and it worked out fabulously. It's probably my new fave, and my old fave was the same HP one you use.

    As for invisible zippers, I've used this video's method with absolute success. ( The slapdash sewist has one for a fully machine stitched invisible zip on a lined skirt that I haven't used yet but plan to eventually. (

  5. Just came across your blog, and love it! Moved to Maynooth from Canada and was shocked by the lack of "traditional" skills in our age group. So far I've successfully taught two of my friends to sew! Cheers,

  6. Oh, you are an angel sent straight from Seamstress Heaven! I actually altered a pants pattern to an elastic waist because I was so intimidated by the front fly, and now I can go make a PROPER pair!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)


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