Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Self-Drafted Skirt with Pleats + Help Wanted for Hemming Skirts

Just so you don't think this has become solely a crochet blog, here is one of my newest sewing projects: a self-drafted grey skirt with buttons down the front. I drafted the skirt myself but was heavily inspired by Megan Nielsen's Kelly skirt. My skirt has more of an A-line shape than my inspiration skirt and box pleats at the front and back.

The fabric I used was a grey wool/polyester blend suiting fabric, and I think I managed to make the fabric look less business-like with the shape and buttons I chose. Normally, suiting fabric is too formal for my taste.

I also like that the skirt is gray, because I can pair it up with my vast collection of colored tights and as you may notice I'm also wearing my skirt with my crochet cherry brooch I posted about earlier this month. I think it goes well with the skirt and tights.

I messed up the button holes on the skirt, but fortunately the lovely vintage buttons neatly cover up my mistake (Note to self: be patient when sewing and do not sew past midnight!) - and then I managed to cut the lining a wee bit too short (Note to self: see above!). I did, however, sew a very sturdy waist band, which includes a waist stay sewn to the seam allowance inside the waist band. That was well before midnight, when my judgement was not clouded by sleepiness.

I used about a 5 cm hem, because I prefer wide hems over narrow hems but find it difficult to hem wide skirts with a wider hem. I used bias tape on the hem and then catch-stitched it invisbly to the inside of the skirt.

But as you can see from the pictures, the hem in not really invisible from the outside. You can clearly see the ridge, where the hem ends on the inside. Do you have any tips for avoiding this? How do you hem wide skirts? I was thinking that perhaps hem lace/hem tape would solve this problem, but I have never tried it, because it is not available where I live. Do you have any tips for me? I really love this skirt a lot but the hem bugs me and I would love to redo it in a nicer way. If hem tape is the solution I might order some online.


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